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The system allows total control throughout the airport, representing a universal product in the construction of security systems and facility management.

Situation monitoring system for airports

The system provides effective complex protection and management of airport premises through integration of security subsystems in a single entity. It can ensure centralized monitoring of an unlimited number of facilities in real time, as well as control the state of any object in the system, from a simple indicator to a hardware-software complex, and operate video surveillance systems, access control systems, road traffic control systems, etc.

Using trackers enables control over the aircraft movement on the runway and its parking location, over the route of a baggage truck, and helps to identify the location of airport’s employees.

Completed Facilities
  • Customs terminals "Sheremetyevo"
    Modernization of the surveillance television surveillance system in the Zone of ActivitySheremetyevo customs:

    Sheremetiev Customs, located in terminals B and F of the airportSheremetyevo, equipped with intelligent video surveillance systems,access control and management .Introduced integrated systemSecurity "Integra-C" integrates all the security subsystems andprovides the maximum protection against terrorism.

  • Airport Ulyanovsk-Vostochny
  • Airport Naryan-Mar
  • Airport "Yuzhny" Rostov-on-Don - works are under way to install security systems Customs terminals "Sheremetyevo"
  • АК "Балтийские авиалинии"
  • JSC "RCC Progress"
Единая система безопасности аэропорта

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