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The security of your organization, company, office, production or other premises is provided by a whole range of measures. Security systems are an important part of identifying threats and neutralizing them. They are needed at any commercial site, and especially in factories and industrial enterprises, banks and financial institutions, in retail outlets, in educational, medical and public institutions, in telecommunications, energy and oil and gas companies. Security systems ensure the stability of the organization, performing various functions of protection and control. For what are they needed and with what tasks do they cope? First of all, it is protecting the organization from external and internal threats such as:

It is security systems that can cope with the prevention of such threats, providing access control to the territory of the enterprise and protected facilities, monitoring the situation in real time and taking urgent measures in the event of emergencies.

Цифровая интеллектуальная система безопасности
for bank infrastructure

Цифровая интеллектуальная система безопасности для инфраструктуры банковского учреждения представляет из себя сложную автоматизированную систему управления, которая отвечает за безопасность каждого участка в банке.

Operation principle:

After system installation, administration station is configured to analyze the collected information and to further assess performance of the bank staff and the whole bank system.

Tasks performed
  • Cash Registers
    • Video and audio control,
    • Situational analytics,
    • Integration of security systems, warning systems
  • Zones of bank terminals
  • Service rooms, cash settlement zones
Completed Facilities
  • Automobile Banking House Tolyatti
  • Baltic Bank (Samara branch)
  • VTB Bank (Chelyabinsk Branch)
  • Bank Zenith (Samara branch)
  • The Main Directorate of the Central Bank of Russia for the Samara Region
  • Building of Sergievsky RCC
  • Building of Syzran RCC
  • Novokuibyshevsky settlement and cash center of the Central Bank of RussiaSamara region
  • Povolzhsky Bank of the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation, Samara (branch)
  • Sergievsky settlement and cash center of the Main Administration of the Bank of Russia forSamara region
  • Transcreditbank Chelyabinsk
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