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The range of application of the system is wide: monitoring of the parameters of electricity, water and heat supply, video surveillance, protection from technical accidents, protection from penetration, fire. This is a high-tech, reliable and inexpensive means of protecting your property. This system is used both to protect houses, apartments and cottages, and to ensure business security.

This system is used to protect homes, apartments and cottages, and to ensure business security.

CAS Objects
Solution based on
платформы «Интегра 4D-Планета Земля» -
Complex automation system (CAS) of housing and utilities objects
System capabilities:
  • 3D model of objects;
  • Special transparent mode that provides a view of all mechanisms of the object and connections between them simultaneously;
  • Protection of window and door openings;
  • Tracking people’s presence in the room;
  • Water leak detection;
  • Glass break detection;
  • Using a drive unit installed on the water tap to turn off the main water supply partially or completely;
  • Measuring illumination level, temperature, humidity and other parameters;
  • Measuring electricity;
  • Smoke detection;
  • Placing elements of the heating and water-supply systems on the facility layout plan, including: central heating radiators, water taps, T-joints, pipes;
  • Displaying temperature in each room of the building;
  • Displaying physical and logical connections between the elements of the system on the facility layout (SCADA);
  • Displaying element indication when putting the mouse pointer over it;
  • Changeability of the position of layout elements, as well as the type of connections between them;
  • Availability of filtration of layout elements by types and connections;
  • Use of bookmarks to display only required elements on the layout;
  • Displaying the connection between a layout element with the other ones, and presentation of elements as a hierarchical structure;
  • Displaying an element’s parameter table when the element is selected;
  • Special search box to search for elements on the layout.
Комплексная система автоматизации объектов ЖКХ

Useful Documents
Презентация Интегра-С Система жизнеобеспечения (Размер 2.5 MB)
«CAS objects»
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