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Integra-S built a unified security and monitoring system of the Russian Sea and River Fleet’s facilities based on Integra-S hardware and software complexes. It is a Unified Global Monitoring System of Russian waters, ports and hydraulic structures, a breakthrough product in the development of absolutely unique security and facility management systems.

Sea and river fleet
Unified security
monitoring of the objects and territories of RF Morrechflot

The system unites all subsystems of control over the waters and territories:

  • video and thermal surveillance;
  • radiolocation control;
  • automatic ship identification system.

Processed information on violations at the facilities and territories is transmitted to the SC.

  • Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port
  • Sea Port of Azov
  • Sea port of Anadyr
  • Anapa sea port
  • Seaport of Arkhangelsk
  • Seaport of Astrakhan
  • Seaport Bolshoi St. Petersburg
  • Vanino Seaport
  • Varandey Sea Port
  • Vitino Sea Port
  • Seaport East
  • Sea Port of Vyborg
  • Vysotsk Sea Port
  • Sea Port of Gelendzhik
  • DeKastri Seaport
  • Sea port of Dudinka
  • Seaport of Yeysk
  • Sea Port of Zarubino
  • Sea Port of the Caucasus
  • Seaport of Kaliningrad
  • Sea Port of Kandalaksha
  • Sea Port of Magadan
  • Sea Port of Makhachkala
  • Sea Port of Murmansk
  • Sea Port of Nakhodka
  • Sea Port of Nikolaevsk-on-Amur
  • Sea Port of Olya
  • Sea Port of Onega
  • Sea Port of Pevek
  • Sea Port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
  • Sea Port of Primorsk
  • Sea Port of Providence
  • Sea Port of Rostov-on-Don
  • Sea Port of Sovetskaya Gavan
  • Sea Port of Sochi
  • Sea Port of Taganrog
  • Sea Port of Taman
  • Sea Port of Temryuk
  • Sea Port of Tiksi
  • Sea Port of Tuapse
  • GUP of the Republic of Crimea "Crimean seaports"
  • State Unitary Enterprise of the Republic of Crimea "Chernomorneftegaz"
  • Evpatoria commercial port - Dynamic Backup System
  • Kerch commercial port - works on design and vulnerability assessment
  • Sevastopol sea port - Dynamic Backup System
  • Feodosia Commercial Port - works on design and vulnerability assessment
  • Yalta Commercial Port - works on design and vulnerability assessment
  • Korsakov Sea Commercial Port, Sakhalin Island
  • Ust-Luga Sea Commercial Port
  • Passenger Port of St. Petersburg
  • Krasnoyarsk river port
  • The river port of Nizhnevartovsk
  • Salekhard river port
  • Serginsky river port
  • Surgut river port
  • Tyumen river port
  • Urengoy river port
  • Cheboksary river port
  • Yenisei River Shipping Company
  • Kuban River Shipping Company
  • Ob-Irtysh River Shipping Company
  • 1 Volgograd Hydraulic Power Plant
  • 14 GU of the White Sea-Baltic Canal
  • BSU Bereslavsky
  • Devyatinsky waterworks
  • Kochetovsky Hydraulic Power Plant
  • Pavlovsky hydro-power plant
  • Severo-Dvinskoye GBU Hydraulic Unit No. 2
  • North Dvina Hydraulic Power Plant
  • Fedorovsky Hydraulic Power Plant
  • Volga-Don GBU Watershed State Institution
  • Volga-Don State Bank of Ilyivsky State Administration
  • Volga-Don State Bank of the Konstantinovsky State University
  • Volgo-Don State Bank of Ukraine Mykolaivskyi GU
  • Obskoye BGB Novosibirsk Shipping Gateway
  • Volga State Academy of Water Transport
  • Kamskaya Shipping Company, Ltd.
  • Lesosibirsk Port, OJSC
  • Novosibirsk Shipping Gateway
  • Port "Caucasus"
  • The point of basing of the ship-cavalry of the military unit of Part 2349 in the cityAstrakhan
  • Sakhalinrybaksoyuz, OJSC
  • Severneftegazflot, LLC
  • Surgut Diving and Rescue Service, MKU
  • Transas, CJSC

Unified security
monitoring of the objects and territories of RF Morrechflot

Useful Documents
Презентация Интегра-С Обеспечение безопасности акваторий портов (Размер 3.4 MB)
Интегра-С: на страже безопасности морского и речного флота РФ (Размер 821.2 KB)
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Оснащение объектов морского транспорта инженерно-техническими средствами обеспечения транспортной безопасности акваторий морских портов Евпатория, Севастополь, Ялта, Феодосия, Керчь (Размер 3.1 MB)
«Sea and river fleet»
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