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A special complex of automated control systems for the safety and life support of hospitals, clinics, sanatoria on the basis of integrated smart security system (ISSS) Integra-S makes the work of staff more efficient, and the patients' stay is comfortable and safe.

Health facilities
Security systems
for healthcare facilities

Providing a security system for healthcare facilities is an extremely complicated task, as in case of emergency a big number of people who cannot move on their own must be evacuated. Therefore, the requirements for hospital and clinic security systems have been tightened.

NTEGRA-S complex solutions include smart security systems for healthcare facilities with a broad range of functions:

  • internal and perimeter video surveillance;
  • fire and security alarms;
  • state and performance control of clinic operation support systems;
  • ensuring security of each patient

Besides, integrated systems can automate numerous processes: registration and recording of patients’ charts, collection and storage of diverse information for its further analysis.

Modern clinics use expensive equipment that can break down in case of improper operation. Solutions offered by INTEGRA-S allow for monitoring of technical condition of diagnostic and treatment equipment. This complex approach to security helps to prevent any theft or damage of expensive equipment, while patients’ lives will be constantly protected.

Continuity. 24*7 Monitoring in real time.
Procession of events. Programming and analytical control of complex reactions.
Detection of events. Establishing event and classification protocols, positioning of reversing cameras in case of an alarm.
Global monitoring of distributed data. Establishment of united situation monitoring centers.
Centralized administration. Remote control from any place.
Storage. Data archiving.
Interaction. Integration with protection systems, actuators, specialized software, etc.
Scale. Building multi-level configurations without limitations on the total number of cameras and video servers, as well as gradual build-up of additional functionality.
«Health facilities»
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