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The security of your organization, company, office, production or other premises is provided by a whole range of measures. Security systems are an important part of identifying threats and neutralizing them. They are needed at any commercial site, and especially in factories and industrial enterprises, banks and financial institutions, in retail outlets, in educational, medical and public institutions, in telecommunications, energy and oil and gas companies. Security systems ensure the stability of the organization, performing various functions of protection and control. For what are they needed and with what tasks do they cope? First of all, it is protecting the organization from external and internal threats such as:

It is security systems that can cope with the prevention of such threats, providing access control to the territory of the enterprise and protected facilities, monitoring the situation in real time and taking urgent measures in the event of emergencies.

PRIMARY objectives
are solved through:
  • Reduction in expenses for security and safety service
  • Reduction in the number of unwanted visitors
  • Gathering information about visitors
  • Staff work time tracking
  • automating a number of other monitoring, accounting and control processes
  • continuous system monitoring and receipt of timely operation reports
  • integration of notification systems, ACS (Access Control System), PAS (Perimeter Alarm System) and etc. in a united security system
  • Protection of property, life and health
  • Law enforcement on the premises of the facility
  • Enhancing customers' trust
  • timely detection of events leading to incidents
  • initiation of action protocols that help to minimize losses in case of incidents
  • Increase of economic efficiency (risk reduction)
  • Improvement of the security service performance
  • building an evidence base for investigation of possible incidents
  • quick access to data for further analysis of the obtained information
Office buildings
Цифровая интеллектуальная система безопасности для офисных зданий

Counting the number of visitors to analyze the dynamics of attendance; detection of individuals included in blacklists (for instance, those who have previously committed illegal acts) or whitelists (VIP clients); control of the whole building area

Tasks performed
  • Parking
    • Different entrances to separate parking areas (entrance for visitors, staff entrance, etc.)
    • Prevention of vandalism and car theft
    • Following internal rules for cash-in-transit vehicles
  • Staff areas, checkpoints
    • Prevention of handing over passes to third persons
    • Differentiation of access rights to different areas
    • Double control (biometry)
    • Entrance registration with time and location reference
    • Automated control and tracking of staff work time
    • Lost item detection
    • Control over the performance of checkpoint staff
Completed Facilities
  • Volgaenergo
  • Liebherr-Rusland
  • Polyus Gold Mining Company
  • Smarts
Continuity. 24*7 Monitoring in real time.
Procession of events. Programming and analytical control of complex reactions.
Detection of events. Establishing event and classification protocols, positioning of reversing cameras in case of an alarm.
Global monitoring of distributed data. Establishment of united situation monitoring centers.
Centralized administration. Remote control from any place.
Storage. Data archiving.
Interaction. Integration with protection systems, actuators, specialized software, etc.
Scale. Building multi-level configurations without limitations on the total number of cameras and video servers, as well as gradual build-up of additional functionality.
«Office centers»
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