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The security of your organization, company, office, production or other premises is provided by a whole range of measures. Security systems are an important part of identifying threats and neutralizing them. They are needed at any commercial site, and especially in factories and industrial enterprises, banks and financial institutions, in retail outlets, in educational, medical and public institutions, in telecommunications, energy and oil and gas companies. Security systems ensure the stability of the organization, performing various functions of protection and control. For what are they needed and with what tasks do they cope? First of all, it is protecting the organization from external and internal threats such as:

It is security systems that can cope with the prevention of such threats, providing access control to the territory of the enterprise and protected facilities, monitoring the situation in real time and taking urgent measures in the event of emergencies.

Fuel and energy companies
Цифровые интеллектуальные системы безопасности для предприятий ТЭК

Quite often, security systems functioning in fuel and energy companies cannot guarantee adequate protection of their facilities. Hardware for surveillance, notification and measures against offenders quickly get out of date and no longer meet current requirements. Moreover, new types of threats constantly emerge. Criminals get more informed. They use top-of-the-line technologies to enter secured areas and commit illegal acts. Therefore, the demands placed on security systems nowadays are fundamentally different from those a dozen of years ago. Fuel and energy companies need deeply integrated security systems that should be built using innovative hardware and software. Only such systems can really control and ensure security in fuel and energy companies. Consequently, integrated security systems must perform the following tasks:

  • accident prevention, security and fire safety control,
  • facility access control and management,
  • transport access and route control,
  • TV control,
  • commercial accounting of products,
  • control of finished product shipment,
  • control of labor discipline,
  • countermeasures against industrial espionage.

Tasks performed

  • Vulnerability analysis of the facility,
  • Identification of potential threat types (theft, espionage, sabotage, fire, vandalism, etc.)
  • Identification of possible ways to fulfill these threats and consequences of criminals’ actions,
  • Selecting protection devices (signaling devices, indicators, video and thermographic cameras, etc.),
  • Development of special software for each facility of the company;
  • Solving other issues.

Completed Facilities
  • Филиал АО «Концерн Росэнергоатом» Смоленская АЭС
  • LindeGasRus, LLC
  • Lukoil Volga
  • Lukoil Drilling
  • Trunk oil pipelines "Friendship", JSC
  • Privolzhsky oil pipeline
  • Transneft
  • Transneft-Privolga, AO
  • Samaratransgaz, LLC (OAO Gazprom)

    Distributed Security System

    Includes local integrated complexes of several offices,located in Samara, as well as more than 15 remote sites on the SamaraThe gas-pumping units are equipped with a special fire systemAlarms for explosive objects.

  • Samara-Nafta
  • SamaraNefteGas
  • CHP-1 (Novokuibyshevsk)
  • Gazprom energoholding, LLC

    • Mosenergo, PJSC
    • OGK-2

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«Fuel and energy companies»
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