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The security of your organization, company, office, production or other premises is provided by a whole range of measures. Security systems are an important part of identifying threats and neutralizing them. They are needed at any commercial site, and especially in factories and industrial enterprises, banks and financial institutions, in retail outlets, in educational, medical and public institutions, in telecommunications, energy and oil and gas companies. Security systems ensure the stability of the organization, performing various functions of protection and control. For what are they needed and with what tasks do they cope? First of all, it is protecting the organization from external and internal threats such as:

It is security systems that can cope with the prevention of such threats, providing access control to the territory of the enterprise and protected facilities, monitoring the situation in real time and taking urgent measures in the event of emergencies.

Industrial enterprises
Цифровые интеллектуальные системы безопасности
industrial enterprises

The safety of the enterprise is the most important factor affecting the functioning of the enterprise. The security process involves a set of measures that protect the enterprise from accidental or deliberate interference with its operation. Two approaches to enterprise security are divided: fragmentary and complex. The advantages of a fragmented approach are its selectivity with respect to specific objects that pose a threat to the enterprise, and its disadvantage is the locality of the action. This approach is suitable for protecting specific objects from specific threats. The integrated approach has become quite widespread, due to the lack of flaws inherent in the fragmentary approach. The integrated approach combines heterogeneous security measures, which makes it possible to protect objects from a wide range of threats. For full-fledged security, most enterprises use a set of resources, including:

  • material resources;
  • human resources;
  • Information resources;
  • technical resources;
  • Legal resources.

It is our long experience and a large number of suchprojects will help in the creation and implementation of this complex and multilevelsystems.

Completed Facilities
  • Aviastar-SP
  • Avtovaz, Open Society

    Access control and car number recognition system

    The administrative building of JSC "AvtoVAZ" is equipped with an access control systemon the checkpoint and in separate rooms.A directly at the factory mounteda system for controlling the entry of motor vehicles into its territory with a moduleNumber recognition.

  • Astronomer, Fish Factory
  • Baltika, Brewing Company
  • Spring
  • Hydraulics
  • Glaverbor Samara
  • Eurotechnics
  • Instrument bearing factory
  • KinelAgroPlast
  • Sakhalin Island, CJSC
  • Pakkart-Electric Systems
  • Peeling, CJSC
  • Polymer
  • Promsintez
  • Salute
  • Samara Optical Company, CJSC
  • Samara Metallurgical Plant, OJSC
  • Sakhalin Rybak Soyuz, ZAO
  • SW, Group of companies
  • Transformer
  • Pepsi International Bottlers (Samara)
  • Samara Optical Company, CJSC

    Integrated intelligent security systems

    Combines a color video surveillance system and access control. The video surveillance system is also used to monitor production processes. The project of introduction of the module of the account of production with application of microchips and video cameras is approved.

  • Tarkett Group

    Distributed intellectual security system and plant management TarkettGroup (Russia and Eastern Europe)

    The system provides technical monitoring and automated management of production processes (conveyor, goods shipment, logistics), engineering subsystems of the plant (power supply, water supply, communication lines) and security subsystems (video surveillance, access control, fire alarm). The number of users connected to this system is unlimited. The information is provided to the client computers installed by the guard on duty, the chief of the security service, the chief of production, the managers of the factories. Provides visual control over the perimeter of the plant and its internal areas. The cameras installed in the workshops allow you to monitor the production process. With the help of video processing algorithms, the movement of the conveyor belt is controlled and failures in operation (for example, conveyor stop, jam, etc.) are automatically detected. With the help of the video subsystem, the processes of accounting for quantity and quality of products are also automated. Automation of logistics processes is based on access control systems, car license recognition, truck traffic control system throughout the plant territory and integration with enterprise information systems. This speeds up the process of shipping goods from the warehouse, receiving materials and will increase the level of control over them.

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«Industrial enterprises»
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