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Integra-Video-Auto Car Number
Rail Car Number Recognition and
Registration System Integra-Video-Auto
System Description

The system is used for automatic registration and recognition of vehicle numbers at checkpoints at enterprises, paid parking lots and garage complexes, at traffic police posts. Integration with the access control system allows you to automate the access control.

System Use
Passage Control

Vehicle registration and operating boom gates

  • Control over the entrance to the facility. Operating boom gates using data on recognized number plates.
  • Vehicle entry-exit register Passage registration: vehicle number plate, entrance/exit time, total time spent at the facility.
  • Integration with any software. Data transfer to any software for record keeping and analytics.
  • Photo and video coverage. Recording and storage of data on visits to the facility.
Business Control

Keeping record of customers served

  • Detection of theft and unrecorded orders Checking recorded and actually executed orders
  • Remote business control. Remote access to reports and videos in real time
  • Automatic customer counting. Registration of all vehicles served and integration with 1С.
  • Improvement of staff performance. Control of the time spent at the facility by each vehicle.
Road Traffic Control.

Registration and recording of traffic violations

  • Registration of speed limit violations.
  • Registration of stopping and parking violations.
  • Registration of travel path and lane violations.
  • Registration of traffic light violations.
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Automatic recognition and registration of vehicle number plates
Flexible and easy-to-configure multi-window interface of the traffic flow control server's main window
The traffic flow control server is used as Integra-Video client
Vehicle numbers and images are stored in the database with indication of the date, time, direction, etc.
Vehicle numbers are checked against the available databases, and the respective message is issued to the operator
Allows for automatization of access control regime, when integrated with acces control devices, as well as registration of vehicle entrance and number, when the boom gate is opened manually
Centralized storage of vehicle passage data collected from several checkpoints
Data transfer via WiFi; 3G; LTE
Keeping an editable vehicle passage logbook, independent of the main log of registered events
Report generation by number, date, time, direction, etc.
Report transfer, sorting, generation at the central station
Web Service management allowing access to the system functionality from mobile devices through authorization
Web Service management allowing access to the system functionality from mobile devices through authorization
Technical Characteristics
1 Width of the carriageway control area up to 3 m for analog cameras; up to 10 m for IP
2 Maximum distance between vehicles 2 to 4 m for vehicles not exceeding 1.5 m in height; 3 to 10 m for vehicles over 4.3 m in height
3 Control area depth 3 to 20 m
4 The number of processed channels and speed limits 1 to 16 channels; speed limit up to 240 km/h
5 Recognition probability 90% to 99% (depending on visibility and number plate quality)
6 Available camera angles vertically – up to 30º; horizontally – up to 20º
7 Number plate tilt angle up to ±5º
8 Illuminance at least 50 lux
Standard Equipment
Set for One Checkpoint
Camera power supply unit 1 pcs
Server with installed Integra-Video-Auto software 1 pcs
Input/output module- 1 pcs
Boom gate 1 pcs
Lighting 2 searchlights
Feedback on the System Use
Useful Documents
Распознавание и регистрация автомобильных номеров "Интегра-Видео-Авто" (листовка) (Размер 446.1 KB)
Распознавание и регистрация автомобильных номеров "Интегра-Видео-Авто" (презентация) (Размер 672.0 KB)
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