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The integrated complex for the protection of objects is a modern system for ensuring the integrated security of apartments and business objects. The range of application of the system is wide: protecting your property from attack, penetration, fire and technical accidents without the physical presence of a security guard. This is a high-tech, reliable and inexpensive means of protecting your property. This system is used both to protect houses, apartments and cottages, and to ensure business security.

Smart House
Integrated security complex «SMART HOME»

Smart Home complex security system produced by INTEGRA-S can guarantee absolute security of residential apartments, cottages or commercial facilities. Integration of the security complex will enable you to perform a broad range of functions:

  • conduct video surveillance in real life;
  • monitor the operation of life support systems;
  • timely respond to any attempts of unauthorized entrance;
  • inform respective services of emergencies.

The complex contains a complete set of tools to automate control of the situation both inside and outside the premises. We offer a cross-platform system, which means that information can be displayed on any device: a personal computer, mobile phone, tablet.

Various indicators record the temperature level, smoke, moisture or gas content in the ambient air. Whenever standard values are exceeded, signals are sent both to the residence owner and to the emergency service console. Even at a distance, you will be able to respond in case a window in your home is broken or the door is opened.

Comfortable and untroubled life depends on many elements, and security of people living in the apartment or house is the key one. INTEGRA-S solutions will help you to be ready to any external threat.

Внешние подключаемые устройства
  • Security

    Device types - ACS (Access Control), Bolid, BolidOrion, Localcomputer (data about the state of the computer).

  • Plug-in sensors

    • Volume sensors
    • Door Open Sensor (Reed Switch)
    • Glass Breakage Sensor
    • Fire detectors
    • Gas Leakage Sensor
    • Water leakage sensor
    • External Device Control Relay
    • Microphone

  • Video and audio surveillance

    Device types - Analog cameras (via capture card), IP cameras, Usb cameras

    • Local video capture sources
    • Local sources of audio capture
    • IP-Cameras
    • USB camera
    • Remote Servers

  • Devices display

    • Computer with WEB browser + Adobe flash player (PC, phone, tablet)
    • Mobile phone with java support
    • PDA with win mobile above 60
    • iPhone, iPad
    • Android with flash player
    • A TV connected to IPTV

  • Functionality

    • Transferring video and audio over the network
    • Archive recording (scheduled, motion)
    • Motion detection by video frame
    • Interrogating the connected sensors
    • Alerting the user about an alarm situation (email, email to sms)
    • Generating camera sets for viewing
    • Bonjour support (fast search for IntegraVision and Axis IP cameras in localnetworks)

Continuity. 24*7 Monitoring in real time.
Procession of events. Programming and analytical control of complex reactions.
Detection of events. Establishing event and classification protocols, positioning of reversing cameras in case of an alarm.
Global monitoring of distributed data. Establishment of united situation monitoring centers.
Centralized administration. Remote control from any place.
Storage. Data archiving.
Interaction. Integration with protection systems, actuators, specialized software, etc.
Scale. Building multi-level configurations without limitations on the total number of cameras and video servers, as well as gradual build-up of additional functionality.
«Smart House»
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